Building the African Youth Networks Movement

About the AYN Movement

African Youth Networks Movement (AYNM) is a youth-led movement that spurs growth and prosperity, strengthens democratic governance and enhances peace and stability across the continent. Furthermore, AYNM led seeks to nurture and empower young African leaders who can build on the tremendous legacy of past leaders while championing the causes of today. AYNM will hold local, national and regional institutions accountable to the commitments they make in advancing the role of youth in Africa’s society and to combatting the challenges they face. For example, monitoring the progress of the African Union (AU) in implementing strategies under the recently created migration body, the African Observatory for Migration and Development (OAMD)which seeks to address the crisis within the European Union (EU) over an influx of African migrants taking the perilous trip across the Mediterranean. Most importantly, the movement seeks not only to monitor and advocate for change but to contribute in solutions-based processes given its grassroots presence and nuanced understanding of the complex challenges at hand. Thus, the Summit laid the foundation to the movement-building process, by setting the platform for Africa’s young voices to connect, find common ground and build rapport.


“A transformed Africa that fosters dignity, peace and abundance for all its people.”



Collaboration of African youth networks with shared vision to amplify their voices for impact.



Solidarity, inclusivity and diversity, equity, dignity, taking ownership/initiative, internal locus of control, meaningful participation, youth agency and reverence for nature.

AYNM Summit 2018

On behalf of the Graça Machel Trust & Mandela Institute for Development Studies, we would like to thank you for attending the inaugural African Youth Networks Movement Summit, where over 200 youth network leaders from 35 African countries convened at the symbolic Freedom Park in Pretoria. We are immensely grateful for your participation, and the commitments you made towards to building a Pan-African youth movement. It was truly an amazing 2-day experience where we got to connect and collaborate. Furthermore, we were inspired to move from vision to action by speakers such as Mama Graça Machel, Fred Swaniker, Aya Chebbi and Lindiwe Mazibuko. We were thrilled to meet you and certainly hope that you took the opportunity to connect with incredible individuals, learn more about the work they have been doing on the continent and possibly use that to build meaningful collaborations.

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